Edition38 2009

Well this is the first time I've posted a ton of pics from one of our little excursions and from now on I'll be making this a bit of a habit. Let's be honest, blogs are all about letting us get a sniff of what other peeps get up to, so, it's about time I let you know what our little possé gets up to.

E38 is pretty much THE water cooled event of the dub show calendar in the UK (for those that didn't already know) and for the past 3 years we've been haulin' ass over there for camping, bbq meat, booze, talking shit and checking out the finest in metal that's on show. This year was no exception apart from one of our troops was ill so couldn't drink too much but this didn't really stop us having a blast. Our convoy was diminished as we had a few last minute dropouts, which is always a shame, but it was still awesome anyways.

There were some downsides, a lot of dicks were around and trashed a lot of expensive stuff, plus, a lot of stuff was stolen from tents and cars, including my phone!!!! Some poor guys had stuff nicked from their show cars too which is real low, Borbet flat caps being one example with all kinds of trim pieces getting lifted.

Anyways, I aint gonna bang on about it, if you haven't been you gotta go, it rocks!! The rides are sick and you'll have a great time, we also decided to try out the rave tent this year and as you can see we kinda had a huge slice of dance pie!!!!

Big shout out to my boys, Chris, Gilly, Jez, Walker, Miami Rob, Johnno, Ian and Danny for a sweet weekend AND to all those that we bumped into along the way.

Check out the pics, check out how sick my new tees look and then go to the shop link and buy some!! Easy!!


  1. Hey Al COOL pics dude what camera you use? So wish I had gone to edition now.

    My ts arrived yesterday, man they're totally winning in every dept didn't know I got a free pin badge too with each one. More designs pleeeeez, what you doin next?

  2. How come I'm the only person commenting on here lately man?

  3. Hey dude thanks for the buyingness glad you dig your threads. How much cooler are they now I got em done proper? I know they're a few quid dearer but they're well worth it. So many things now in the pipe it's unreal, expect some updates of cool shit real soon brother and it won't be that expensive neither.

    E38 was the sickness for sure. Loads of shit kicked off but we managed to avoid it all. I'm real inspired now to take the Missile up a notch now and get stuff out there as I couldn't believe the lack of cool tees and stuff out there, I'm sure it's getting worse.

    Anyways appreciate you commenting man, Twitter has killed off blog comments to be fair but that kinda takes 'this' away form blog interaction.

    Keep em peeled man and save up some $$$ cuz you'll need it soon.

  4. I luuuurve my Dubmissile Tee!!!!

    Weekend was epic, good beer, good music, good company, good threads, shame the food was crap!!!

    Can't wait till next year.

  5. Crap food? You cheeky bas.....mind you dude you had to run with some sarnies and rich teas so missed out on the festival of meat that was layed before you!!!

    AWESOME weekend as usual, hope next year doesn't end up getting kyboshed coz of all the scummers ruining it.

    Cheers for purchasing a tee Mr. Gill, always appreciated and commenting is the new cool.

  6. Duuuuuuuuuuude I never gave you props for my tees they're totally sick. I got a problem tho now Al I need you to do more designs cuz I never take my two off, kind of on a rotation system.

    Hurry! Get the Golf War Olive tees up for the mk3, or any golf!! NOW!!


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