Launchpad McDubMissile!!

Oh look, a big brown exciting.

To see what was in this box, check out my store DubMissile Shop, there may be some actual finished screen printed tees on there. I gotta admit they look pretty awesome.

Super limited edition, literally about 30 of each design (apart from the coat of arms tees) so when the colourway has gone, it's gone! more designs on their way, total redos so none really the same as the old designs.

Anyone going to Edition38 this weekend can pick one up from me for £15 special show price, come find me I'll be easy to spot wearing my new tees.

Lemme know what y'all think.

Feel free to buy heaps.


  1. Hey man I just checked out the shop with your new t's on and they're tha bomb!!!!!!! Did you get my order? I ordered one of each b4 they all go!! Need more!! Can't wait for your next batch already.


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