Golf War syndrome.

So, a bit removed from my current style of tee and a bit themed this one but I kinda like it. I'll probably only produce these in super limited numbers and this is a unique range to Golf owners although I assure you, the Rocco and Caddy is about get some seriously sweet love.

As you can see there are only 2 finished at the mo, the others have the graphic package done but the car illis need finishing off, once done there'll be a complete 'Golf War' set completed. Get it, golf...war...I know, pretty bad pun. Bad taste? I hope not.

These will be single colour on one stock only, the olive green for obvious reasons and there maybe a secondary graphic on there as a limited edition reference and to finish off the theme.

I've set up a work in progress side bar where I'll start to add images of any designs and products I'm in the middle of developing, gives you all something nice to look at while waiting for me to get things up for sale.

Please leave any comments, if you all say they're crap and you hate them, well I won't do em and they'll be super limited to one offs...just for me.


  1. These are well cool, a bit different too which I like.

    When do you think you'll have these ready to sell?

  2. Make mine a MK4 dude, extra tight for that muscle beach effect, talking about MK4's how about a picture of mine on the Tee's??

  3. Cheers Gillymon, you know this is where the 32 becomes famous don't you?

    Thinking of doing these in olive or khaki for that jungle or desert warfare option, what you reckon?

  4. Nah don't use a gay R32. Everyones got em. What you want is a nice, standard TDI. You'll sell shed loads then mate.

    Anyway Mr Woods. Lovin the new T's, but do detect a hint of GFH in the designs? Not that there was anything wrong with your GFH tops. To be honnest I always thought they where totally bad ass!

  5. Don't worry duder, I got some plans for yours. The Heavyweight tee is getting re-done with a slightly different angle to it and guess what, the bucket will be getting a bit of fame too.

  6. I reckon old school american drab or maybe, now bear with me as a slight tangent, welcome to K2 airways. How's about in WW2 german trooper grey, not sure on the actual name for the shade, in fact sod T shirts, full tunics, with stripes and medals!!!! FTW

  7. Hey Al, long time. Nice designs mate!

  8. Hey Raymondo!!! Long time no speak, how's it goin?

    I've been a very busy boy setting up my own business and working my ass off big time, plus planning and building up my DubMissile bits and pieces. Gonna be some good things coming this way soon, just soending a little extra time getting things done right instead of half arsed this time. Takes longer and costs more money but be super worth it.


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