Old School IS the best school.

Now I love dubs, I really do, in fact I just love cars full stop if I'm honest whether it be a badass turbo'd VR or a blown R32 or a G60/G40 or a sick Jap drifter or some old school 70's/80's Ford or a sweet split camper or some sick yank muscle...the list goes on. So, when I went to Tescos yesterday to go shopping I nearly wet myself when I saw this guy and his lad topping up the radiator of this piece of awesomeness.

I didn't get to chat too much as he needed to go pretty sharpish once the rad was filled, but from what I could see it was a sweet old school Ford, roof chop and a small block v8 which sounded...well, I wished I'd have recorded it because it just made me smile from ear to ear and I'm pretty sure there was movement, if you know what I mean.

I did snatch a couple of dodgy phone pics and I'm sure you'll all agree that on a sunny day, surely the best thing to be cruising around in would be something like this.


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