All Types show.

I'm not gonna write a War and Peace about how great the show was and how the whole weekend was a huge party and despite the rain everyone blew up...because...well, we only decided to 'pop' down on the Sunday for an hour at about 2pm so we missed all that stuff, PLUS I think we missed all the rain too as it was mad sunny when we arrived. So we had a Mr. Whippy before anything else.

Anyways, the show did look good, we did miss a lot of the cars as they'd gone by then but it was still a worthy ride out and if you like your dubs air and water cooled it's always worth a mooch.

I took a few dodgy snaps on the way round, last minute again. I didn't go round looking for the cray show cars, just what caught my eye casually.

Whenever I go here it always makes me realize just how much I want a splitscreen bus so me and my girl can look awesome and cruise around having free holidays.

We did pop to a local beach for half an hour though, which was amazing, even though it was fact, that kinda made it even cooler. That and the million jellyfish we saw.


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