DubMissile label

This took me quite a while to put together, it started off as one of my earlier logo tee graphics, it will still be a tee design but not yet. I found some really cool heraldic designs that gave me what I was looking for and chopped out the bits I thought were cool, re-drew some bits, built one side that look nice and symmetrical, then flipped it all over and married the 2 sides together. I added the maltese cross in there too, which is a bit badass. Then I did some trickery and managed to create a positive version (for light backgrounds) and a negative version (for dark backgrounds). This can screw peoples heads up which is why sometimes you'll see designs that look right on a light tee but totally wrong and a dark tee, you can't use the same image and just re-colour it black or white. Anyway, that aside, it looks cool as shit so I'm using this for my tee labels (hopefully my guys can do the business on the detail side). It'll be around 40mm square and stitched onto the outside back neck so it can be seen at all times. The tee manufacturer label will be left in the inner neck so (a) you know it's a good tee and (b) any size info is left on just in case. The tees I'm working with at the moment are some of Fanshirt's cool lines (not the really cheap base tees), I want decent looking styles instead of generic market stall fitting tees, and Haynes tees which are known for their top quality and good range of styles.

Oh, don't worry, there will be colours in the ranges.

Tic toc....


  1. The label looks great. I love the idea of it being sewn on to the outside of the shirt. IMO, it really shows that you've got your ish together and are not just spitting out random tee graphics and having them printed up by Cafepress.com. These tees are going to be competing with the best of the best screened graphic shirts and I'd happily support you. :)

    Keep up the good work. BTW, I'm nerding out over the fact that you understand the need for both negative and positive versions of the logo. A true designer. ;)

  2. Sweet blud, glad you approve. Big thing the pos/neg malarky, soooo many people just don't get it, which is why the 1976 tee is slightly different on both black and white, well, the car is different, otherwise it'd look stoooopid reversed out.

    Gonna post up some of my other stuff later that is gonna get done at a later date, some cool silhouetted buildings and ish, just need to alter them a bit.


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