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Check me out, all blog update crazy at the minute.

Ok, so the MOT is around the corner and having LHD angel eye headlamps means FAIL, so I planned on borrowing a standard set of lamps just for the test. But, and there's always a but, I'm kinda diggin smoked standard headlamps at the mo, so I bought a set of nice condition standards (with the built-in side lights) and decided I'd split and smoke em myself. Can't be that hard surely....ish.

Here they are at the moment, all nice and clean ready for me to break. I'll take step by step pics and post em up when they're all sorted. I did take shots when i prepped and tinted my rear lights (all red) and intended to post those up, but my phone broke and I lost all the pics.

Anyway, like I said, standard lamps, ready for action.

They only cost £30, so if I get £80 for the angels I'll have some extra fuel money.


  1. Nice mod to get standard headlights looking a ton better. There was a recent write-up on the Vortex and I found it to be one of the better ones! Check it out:


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