Don't poke fun at me!!

November seems to be a month of progress with product and my vr. At the moment I'm playing with a few options in the rim department. Firstly, the Monzas (MK5 GTi rims) are currently sat in my buddy's garage, stripped and half sanded down waiting to be primed and rattle canned with some satin/matt black paint for some winter badass. Secondly, I got my hands on the 15" Revolution RFX rims, which I love But these are proving to give me a few problems. These are Audi fitment, 5x112, which aint a problem as I'm rolling adaptors anyways, but, they're 15x8 with some crazy low offset that I can't seem to find anywhere. What does this mean? Crazy poke, that's what that means!! I aint being defeated yet though. ideally I wanted to run some big rubber on em, 205/50s or something like that but I don't think they'll go in the arches, so, me and my boy Chris are looking into squeezing some 195/45s on there. Hopefully this won't mess the ride up or make the arch gap look like outer space.

Yet again, watch this space kids!!


  1. Small wheels eh? Just when I thought everyone was going for big wheels and tuck, I like your style. Get these ON and get some pics. Give her a wash though yeah, she looks like she could use some tlc.

    Still loving the blog, keep up the effort. Nothing like this out there at the moment.


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