More wallet progress!!

Ok, so round 2 on the wallet front.

I refined the template a little to make them more sturdy and easier to make, which means that they're quicker to make which then means I can eventually sell these for a good price instead of being too expensive. This time I did a tighter design with the rim graphic smaller, with more rims. I kinda like this although to make it work 100% I think I need to lose the black areas, you can see how well the design works inside the middle (opened up area) with just full linework coverage. I'm still working on getting these printed up, hand drawing them takes forever which is fine at prototype stage but the quicker I can sort out the printing the quicker I can get some finished artwork up here. I'm aiming to get these packed with a header card and pin badge for that bit of extra DubMissile flavour!!

Watch this space even more kids.


  1. Dude, these wallets are plain sick. When, when, when, when, are these gonna be up for sale?

    I need one in my life.


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