New rimz test fit.

Ok, so the Toyo R888s are pumped up to crazy hardness and are way fatter than regular 215s AND I won't even be rocking 215s anyway as they're way too wide for the arches, 205s all the way. All I need to do is decide whether to get 50 pro or 45 pro, just to be sure they fit under the arches. I knew they wouldn't fit but hey you gotta have a go right?

Once I get the right rubber on and set the ride height, should look pretty tidy for the next few months. S2s will be coming in for the winter for a spit and polish. Monzas are still getting blacked up but might never see daylight on the anaconda.

Should be a fun winter!


  1. Cheers for posting Icy!!

    I think I messed up big with this purchase. Love the rims but because I can't find the et anywhere it appears, with em being Audi fitment, that on the 20mils they seem to poooooooke like crazy.

    Anyway, with some normal rubber on they should work, if not, they might need moving on.



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