GET IN!!!!!

Well the main man Lewis Hamilton was on the better end of some luck today by snatching the F1 championship today from Felipe Massa. Last year he lost out by one point, this year he won by one point. Poetic huh? It's only the 2nd year I've been into F1, my pal got me into it and yes, I gotta admit Lewis makes following it a little more fun. I used to find it dull as mud but now I kinda like all the tactics involved.

So, big up Lewis and stick two fingers up to all the haters. It looks like no matter how much Ferrari try to corrupt things it all boils down to the man behind the wheel.

Next year he'll wrap it up before the last race, no matter how much Ferrari and Ecclestone's bent crew try to drag things out.

Pic courtesy of (not that I asked em for it).


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