New stuff!!

I'm thinking up a bunch of new DubMissile sexy products to get out there as well as tees. Now I'm not talking boggo standard crap products that were cool ten years ago or crap stuff that everyone else does, nooooo, you guys need something cool right? So, I've been working on some wallets. The one shown here is an early prototype, hand made, as everything I do is, and the rim design is a bit big so that needs some tweaking. Also, these will be printed properly before I start to make from my template, as this stands I've hand drawn the design using Sharpies finest.

If you're thinking it looks like a piece of paper, then you're kinda right. It's made from a tough as nails material called Tyvek, the same stuff they make Dupont paint suits from (the white paper-esque ones). This stuff is water proof, it bends, twists, pulls, the stuff is pretty damn tough AND as you can see is super thin. They're cut and made in a way that only needs two points of gluing, the rest is purely folding. So you can put the cards and cash you need in without having a crazy ass lump the size of a small child in your back pocket. I'm gonna sweeten the design first and test out some more templates I've done then make a few for sale on here. They'll have different designs, some car ones, rim ones, engine line-art, a whole bunch and should be up for about £7.50 posted.

Pretty cool and pretty cheap. Got any comments? Add some!!


  1. Al, that is the coolest wallet I've ever seen. You'd better hook me up with one of those when I see you. Monies are waitin for ya!


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