Shop progress.

Quick update to show y'all I'm actually moving forwards. Here's the initial look of the new DubMissile online shop. There are only 3 products on at the moment, none for sale as I'll be updating these too and getting some new snaps of the new tees done so it all looks sexy. This is gonna be awesome as you can now select the different postage costs for UK or International so no need for messing about. I'll be upgrading my account once I've nailed it down as I can add a ton of product and add some more creative input to the template.

Progress my dear friends is being last!!

Check it out: DubMissile Shop.


  1. 'Fast' EddieMarch 23, 2009 at 6:01 PM

    I'm glad to hear you've started work on the Missile again Al and it was great to speak speak to you the other night (you're vr is looking pretty cool too dude). From what you were saying we're in for a bit of a treat when you get it all live. Your shop is a little bare but I'll let you off seeing as it's a work in progress.

    Hurry up man, I need some of this in my life, ESPECIALLY the paper wallets, the one you had was SIIIIIIIICK!!


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