It's cooooooming!!

There'll be a few changes around here over the next week or so as I have finally managed to jump back on the DubMissile wagon. So, after all my 'watch this space' and 'coming soon' messages there may actually be some progress being made. At last!!

I've got some big plans for the next few months, gonna finish up my new designs, bin some of the ones I currently have and replace them with newer and more 'worked' designs but none of this stock vector art slapping everywhere crap that everyone does. I'll also be launching a range of rim pin badges too, there are about 26 up to now, different colours with line work of your favourites rims. Collect em all!!!! Plus I think I've nailed the Tyvek paper wallets too so they'll be looking sweet sooner rather than later. I'll also be looking into a separate online shop with bigcartel or someone like that to make it super easy to sort out sales and stock. The paypal mini shop was cool but too laggy and didn't cater for overseas options.

My plan is to send a few packs out to the mags again, PVW were great when I first launched and I got a huge amount of exposure, same with Retro Cars too.

Anyways, enough bullshit and I'll be servicing you all with some awesomeness very soon.


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