Glass jaw

Like a nice bit of good honest UK hip hop? So do I and I'm real lucky to have developed a good friendship over the last few years with a very special dude and his crew. Mr Fletcher and his boys, AKA The Sixth Letter effortlessly and passionately dish out a serving of original and epic tracks that make you smile and bob your head like a nutjob on day release.

They recently played at the Star and Garter in Burton, about 90 miles from us and we decided to 'take a risk' and hot foot it down there straight after work. After years of promising to go see them the surprise was a good one but soooooo worth the effort. These guys totally rocked the places foundations and blew the fucking roof off the building, not literally of course but not far off.

We love going to gigs, that's kinda our thing ( me and my wife @ollierocks that is ) but going to see someone you care about and see just how amazing they are over and above your expectation is something you can't even touch.

Check these dudes out on MySpace, YouTube and Facebook for updates and tracks for something special. These guys destroy shit and when they're live they bring it to a whole new level.


The Sixth Letter 01

The Sixth Letter 02

The Sixth Letter 03

The Sixth Letter 04

The Sixth Letter 05

The Sixth Letter 06


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