Doin' werk

The sun has started to shine which means we got dry times to do werk. Been gathering bits and pieces over the past few months to rebuild the VR to some state of shiny awesomeness. First on the agenda is the small stuff, PlastiDip has been introduced to some body parts and it's all starting to come together.

My heavily stone chipped and battered grille was first up, along with the original chrome grille badge. Gave the grille a bit of sanding and hit it hard with the Dip. Then I popped my Kamei ducts out, gave them a bit of love with the 400 and 1200 grade and some Dip. Finally the wing mirrors have taken a beating and look shit, sanded and punished them with the D I P. This shit is awesome, for those not in the know, PlastiDip is a rubberised spray paint, to put it simply. My boy @flip316 put me onto it and it answered all my prayers. It looks Matt black with a textured finish and literally peels off if you ain't happy.

Got a few more plans for this but for now, this is a start.


Grille 1

Grille 2

Grille 3

Kamei ducts 1

Kamei ducts 2


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