Doin' more werk

Kinda got Into the swing of getting shit done so here are a few more snaps of things getting done. I finished up the wing mirrors today, pain in the arse opening up the door skins a bit to get em off but worth it. Also though I'd attack some I'd the rot she's developed over the past year of neglect before it takes over like on my arches. Sills started to rot a bit where the door seals join but kicking their ass with some 140 grade, Hammerite's finest (Kurust) then temp coating with PlastiDip seems to have worked wonders.

Have a looky cuz there's a lot more to come over the next few weeks.

Wing mirrors 1

Wing mirrors 2

Wing mirrors 3

Sill rust 1

Sill rust 2

Sill rust 3


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