The Beastie Boooooooooooys they got it goin' on...

Oh my god. Holy shit. The BBoys have had a rough year and a half with MCA [ aka Adam Yauch ] having some throat cancer deal which has been a huge blow to the magic 3. By all accounts he's doing well and they're back on the horse spitting out some INSANE killer licks to get over, what I thought, was an average last album.

Make Some Noise is their latest track from their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which they've put out on their site after some leaking action.

It's the boys right back at their best with what could ultimately be their last album, depending on health and stuff.

Have a listen...then listen, laugh, smile some more and bob your head. This shit is STELLAR!!

Make Some Noise!!

Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two


  1. Ooh I didn't know they had another album out..I've always been a Beasties fan but Licenced to Ill is still my fave, when they were quite raw & punk!


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