Been waaaaaay too long!

So I haven't posted for a while due to being a busy mo'fo at work and at home but it all seems to be just about out of sight. I can now jump back onto some new tee designs I've been promising for the last month and get you guys dressed up like the kings and queens that you are.

Did I say queens? Does that imply girls tees? Indeed it does my friends, I'll be sorting out the chick contingent with some girls options too. These will be mainly the same designs, plus, some quirky designs like on some of my pin badges which suit girls tees really well. Skinny fit tees in pinks and whites (I know, bit typical but still cool).

PLUS, I may be offering up some different colour blanks as options too for boys and girls. All pale colours but still, more options.

Right, I suppose I'd better crack on then.



  1. skinny sizes in the guys tee'd too? :P

  2. Well, the new tees I've got are a much better fit. The last dozen orders or so will ahve them. Better grade cotton and a much better fit. The previous ones were a good tee but quite loose, especially in the XL+ sizes.

    I've found an awesome mildly distressed tee in a few cool colours which is super soft and properly cool, just waiting on prices and a full range listing, then these will get teh nu school treatment.

    I do have a couple of skinny ringer tees in medium, but fitted medium. Red/royal blue with white contrast taping. Fancy one?


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