Old School rules!!

It's been out of the frame for a while but the Unity Media crew have resurrected a legend!! Retro Cars is an awesome mag for anyone who digs old school rides from all marques. Everyone loves some retro love so this is well worth a peek.

PLUS, they obviously have impeccable taste and gave me, the DubMissile, half a page in the news/new stuff bit which is AWESOME!!

Thanks guys, looks like another bunch of reprobates I'll be sending some stuff too very soon!!

I've also taken the week off work to play catch up with some stuff, which includes a couple of new designs I just haven't had the time to finish off...or even start in some cases.

Back on track very shortly!!


  1. Looking forward to your new designs, any plans for a Vento tee??

  2. Cheers buddy.

    Vento, Polo, Caddy and Old School T in progress at the moment. Should be real nice when finished!!

  3. Hey Al, congrats on the feature! I haven't visited in a long time and I still haven't got a few shirts and I'm sorry for that, but once I get my act together, be certain that I'll be getting a few shirts!

    I just bought the April and May issue of PVW and saw some of your stuff in there! I was stoked to see you movin' on up mate! Well done.


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