Operation girl down in progress

Man I've neglected her. Having a pretty full on work life has meant the whip gets left til last and when you see the rot, hear the coughs and realise she didn't get a wash in 2010 (I know that's ridiculous) you know it's time to step up.

So I've put some pics together of the bits and pieces I've been nesting to strap on and give her some serious love.

Had a few hours in my local scrappers today so I can sort this out:

Bad rusty arch

Bad rusty arch top

Another bad rusty arch

More bad rusty arch

So I snatched these bad boys in great shape, plus i nicked a bunch of cl indicators just as back up. I couldn't bring myself to buy spurious bits that don't fit. Some prep and paint and we'll be golden.

Nice shiny arches

Interior will be getting a touch old school with this once I've messed around with bosses. I've been rocking cl indicators and lights for about 3 years now so think it's time to push a bit more orange, this wheel will have a nice orange paintjob:

Mountney old school love

The lump is due another sump after smashing that one up and she'll be getting this strapped on at some point too for more bwaaarrpps:

6 branch

Finally I got a couple of mini pool balls to tap and thread, in orange, to carry the zest.

All this with a bit of a wash, some orange paint on the 15x8s and a little touch of vinyl graphics and we should be looking sweet again.

She ain't a big money build, more of a loose change revamp so watch this space for stuff actually happening.


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