Daily mobile awesomeness #08

I've stopped worrying about missing posts now, fuck it, life runs away with you sometimes and things slide.

So I'm gonna be hitting my post game hard this weekend and see what awesomeness I can spread.

First up, a question. Have you seen him?

An old skater bud of mine Facebooked me today about some of us old guys who ain't skated for time getting together for a roll in Blackpool at the end of April, which sounds fucking epic. I struggle to make time to do stuff but this sounds like some pure fun and be good to see if I can kickflip some big gaps again. Probably not.

Anyway, I ain't gonna explain this guy posted here. Any of you nu skoolers that don't know, have a look for Animal Chin and follow the trail. Good times were had, tears were shed and laughter was heard always when we went on the hunt for him. Deep down we all found him and if you haven't, keep searching. He's worth the wait.

So rad. So rad.

Animal Chin


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