Daily mobile awesomeness #12

2011 has started out well for the dub side of things. Got plans, got new wings and now my bro hooked himself up with a sweet em kay fow V5. But more on this later. For now, we kick started garage club again to start building rides up and having a bud with all the gear is a serious bonus. An extra bonus is all the killer Ferraris that are in the same place. Far be it for me to snoop around someone's pride and joy but I took a few snaps of the awesomeness on display. Two in particular were a 599 GTO which, at 350k is a serious piece of kit. Second, the same dude also owned a new 458 which he added 80k of options to. Insane!! Good work man, whoever you are.

458 FTW



599 GTO stoppers


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