Daily mobile awesomeness #11

Been sorting the cellar out today to get rid of crap and sort out my car bits ready for the big revamp. Stumbled across all my pro paintball gear so thought I'd share a couple of slices. We set up out own team, K2, about 12 years ago and did ok. We drove custom gear as part of our thing and I designed us custom jerseys, goggle straps, tees, hoodies, all kinds of crap and we loved it! A couple of us left K2 to play EXL with Shockwave which kinda strews the demise of the team but the spirit of K2 still lives on!

That little VHS tape (yeah I know) is of probably the most influential paintball film ever made which goes beyond paintball and is worth a watch, even if balling doesn't interest you. It's called PUSH by Bryon Benini and Patrick Spohrer and will enlighten your lives.

How High!?

JT Flex



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