Rim wurk

The VR rebuild keeps on moving! Next in line were my S2 rims that I'd polished then ran through a bad winter without looking after em and, well basically, they were fucked up. Then I left them in the cellar to get all oxidised and shit so were in a bad way.

These rim are only 16x7 but look awesome on the VR so are the rim of choice for this summer for me, plus, noone really does them on a mk3 so will look pretty unique.

Anyway here are some tricky pics showing how they were an how they look at the mo. Phase 1 is done so next step is to work into the metal to make it smooth all over so they look tidy when polished up. Heaps better than they were.

So here we go.

S2 1

S2 2

S2 3

S2 4


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