It's nice to be nice

Okay so back on the grid again. Been directing a 2 week photoshoot so been ridiculously busy. 7 day weeks and 16+ hour days has been tricky. That aside, one night in the hotel we were shooting we got chatting to Mr. Nice AKA Howard Marks who was doing a talk about his life nearby. Now I do like meeting people with a story to tell but I gotta admit I ain't too sure about being pleased to meet a guy who peddled a shit load of drugs for a living. Funny thing was, and of course I ain't implying anything here, but around 2:30am not long after he went up to his room the fire alarms went off. And they went off again the next morning not long before he came down to check out. Living large. I'll post some dub related stuff tomorrow, my rear arch repair sections arrived yesterday. It's on!!

DubMissile and Mr Nice


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