See ya buddy!

Well, it's been a 17 year long relationship we've had together. Good times, bad times he's always been there for me to lend a very rubbery ear. Ok this is bullshit but I've just sold my 1976 original Stretch Armstrong to a collector in the States and feel the need to give him a slot.

He's pretty awesome really. Great personality, handsome, funny with a pretty sensual bronzed glossy tan, as a supposedly grown man I just can't help give the dude a little squeeze. I remember the time I was struggling to find an answer and there he was, giving me that look...I knew what to do. He's the man. Fact.

So, before he flies off to New York City for his big adventure I just gotta get him on here.

See ya buddy, you'll love NYC. Stretch 1

Stretch 2

Stretch 3

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  1. Shit man that is awesome how could you sell him? One of my friends collects old toys and he woulda loved this hope you got lots of ca$h for him their worth tons.

    Super gay tho aint he really but wouldn't mind squeezing the guy too.

  2. man your blog is a !@#@#$%


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