Operation: Girl down!!

Well here she is. Bit of a wreck due to a mad hectic 2010 working but little by little I've been getting hold of bits and piece to make her into an awesome machine again with sickness oozing from every hole.

So the script is this.
Mountney old school wheel waiting to go on.
Revo 15x8s to be sorted with some yellow dishes.
Stainless 6 branch is gonna get welded on cuz I can't get an adaptor plate.
New wings to go on and all rust is gonna get some heavy work done with my boys at the Garage Club.
Ghetto paint job using some genuine aircraft carrier paint we got. Nice.
Oh, and I gotta sort out the olympic sized swimming pool in the rear footwell. WTF?!

Shit loads more like but we'll see what happens.

Whatever happens she should start to look like an angry shit on the roads again.


Do work.




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