Edition38 cherry poppin'

Well it was my first Edition38 event this year and all I can say is what an awesome weekend I had. Hangin' out with my mates, camping, loads of barbeque action, beers, laughs and insane cars. We camped with our manc:union bretheren as our first club get together away from our meets and it was great being around a good bunch of guys and gals who didn't seemed to mind our warped sense of humour too much. Big props to the union and here's to more of the same for next season. Those guys at E38 really know how to organise a great event. Here's a few pics i took of some sweet rides and a few of us being leathered walking around in the dark. 'pics'

Here are some pics taken by my pal and fellow manc:union rep 'Walker'. Bit better than my camera phone efforts.


  1. Wished the land down under had an event as grande as E38.

    Discovered your blog through wheel-whores mate. Great to see a more dub-dedicated blogs! http://rayray086.blogspot.com/

  2. Cheers for the visit Ray! Take it easy brother.


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