Air soft? Air hard!!

Ha haaaaa, now this was some funny shit. Basically, a few of us used to play pro paintball together for a while and started our own team, K2. We did pretty well considering we were built from a bunch of mates, we got a heap of sponsorship, kicked some ass, won the European Indoor Championships 2 years running, I designed some awesome jerseys over the few years and we looked and played some badass pro ball. Our good pal and old main sponsor, Ledz (see planet eclipse link in buddys) organised a trip out for a day of airsoft in Peterbrough. Airsoft is basically dudes running around pretending to be real soldiers with what look like real guns, but firing small bb pellets...full auto though so pretty hectic.

We turned up and shit ourselves as there were guys fully kitted out, headsets, full camo, loads of guns, sidearms, grenades the lot, which was pretty intimidating if I'm honest, I mean we just rolled up with our paintball gear on looking like some extreme sports street tramp rejects. Apparently airsofters don't like ballers but i think that may be more the rec ballers rather than the tournament ballers like us, so we thought we were gonna get our asses owned. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, thing is, when playing pro ball all you wanna do is kill everyone and win the game so all we wanted to do was find everyone and take em down in a ghost recon style, the airsofters seemed to spend most of their time talking to eachother on their headsets, hiding, cuddling up together (you've heard the term 'cold war' right?) or getting shot, which was funny as hell. I was surprised how quickly we got into it and was shocked at how much we ballers owned the killing sprees, one of the last games there were 2 of us in one room stopping wave after wave of attacks. Dudes were crawling up the firescape but getting owned, trying to creep round the door and getting owned, hiding behind a tank....and getting owned, some dude even fired a bunch of grenades through a launcher at us (which didn't count as kills as they weren't proper grenades apparantly), the whole thing was immense.

We had some good games, loads of fun and pretty scary going thorugh an abandoned building not knowing whether people are in rooms or not, real good for the heart and fear-ometer. All I can say is do it, you'll have a blast and if you go with an open mind you'll have a bunch of fun. Oh, and if you wear a ski mask like Tom and grin through your teeth all day you can look like a derange murderer.


  1. Looks/sounds intense! I like paintball but I'm best as a target. The only shooting I do well at is on Counter-Strike haha. This is the first time I've heard of airsoft; I think I'll look for one locally! Good coverage mate :thumbsup:

  2. thats funny, these guys are really serious, my friends and i call it airshit

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