Can you feel it?

Can you? I can. What am I yamming on about? Delivery time of course!!!!

I've been way busy of late and have been neglecting you a little but that's all about to change, honest it really actually is. I've been saving up some cash to get things underway so the first launch will be these tees. I've decided to make things a little special too, firstly all tees will be limited and will be released in pairs, so you'll get two colourways of one tee in very low numbers, sub 50 in fact and once they're gone...they're gone!! The design won't be gone as I'll release new colourways every now and then to keep things fresh, again, sub 50 per batch. Coat of arms tee won't be limited though as that'll be a stock item.

As for the tees, I'm getting the boys in the know, Prototype21, to produce the stock for me. These guys do amazing quality work and if you've ever seen or bought a Terratag tee then you'll already know this. This means good news all round for everyone!! Amazing quality tees, amazing quality prints and amazingly low quantities to make everyone jealous when they can't get one and you did.

All going well they'll be here for Edition38 so if you wanna place a pre-order just fire me an email.



  1. Yo them are some cool t's can I buy them from your shop yet or do I have to wait? The black and white t's look like old skool hot rod t's.

  2. Hey Stretch, cheers man!! You can fire me an email with your paypal details of you wanna pre-order ( or if you hang tight they'll be up on my new shop (see click link) mid next week. I've been told the tees will drop early next week so I'll shoot em and get em up asap!!

    Yeah the coat of arms tees are kinda old school and everyone loves a black and white tee.

    Gonna start work on the new designs after next week, all the current ones will be pulled and re-done with more cool shit on em, bit more bang for your buck.


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